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Our Top 5 Centering Phrases For Empowering Others and Yourself!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

To use with your kids, students, spouse and even yourself!

LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® has such simple tools like these Centering Phrases, for example. They are the perfect tool to help the "hearer" connect with their INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM and their INNER GREATNESS. Helping a child connect with these is empowering them to manage their own behavior and to find healthy ways to meet their own needs.⁣ Centering phrases also help us truly listen so we can create connection with the communicator. We can then support them in meeting their needs or work through their challenges - if that's what the situation calls for (even when that person is our self!)⁣


Use "You didn't like that." With yourself when you feel upset about a situation.⁣ Use "You figured it out!" To help ground your child in their problem-solving abilities.⁣ Use "You remembered!" To express to your student you see their efforts.⁣ Use "You didn't think that would happen." When your spouse makes a mistake.⁣ And use "You wish that..." to help someone process something they can't have or change.⁣ Of course these are just examples of when you can use these phrases. There are an infinite number of other occasions where they can be used to connect with and help others feel grounded and seen. ⁣ Let me know if you try them out!!⁣

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