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Create a peaceful home life, raise happy, confident kids, and form a STRONG attachment with them that lasts for life.

Rose took her own childhood pain and transformed it into something that has blessed me and my children. I never felt judged. I only felt supported. She has great insight into dynamics and sees clearly what is going on. I am so thankful for this program.
- Miriam Browning
Thank you again so much for this course. You put so much effort into it and it felt like you really cared. Your insights changed my life. Years of therapy didn't provide me with what you gave me during those weeks. 
- Sara B.

     Yelling at, and punishing your child is causing resentment in both of you...

At the end of the day, you just want to get this parenting thing RIGHT! The problem is, having more patience hasn’t worked, validating emotions hasn’t worked, reading all the books and blog posts… HASN’T WORKED! 


Even if you manage to get through one whole day without yelling, it creeps right back, and the kids keep on fighting with siblings, screaming when it’s time to get off screens, and taking forever to get out the door, or go to bed! The hourly chaos and the constant mom-guilt are SO draining, and it feels like the only thing left to do is to grit your teeth, accept it, and hope you kids still like you when they’re adults!

Stop right there, we can change this scenario.

Society’s view of kids, paired with your own pain from childhood, has left your brain programmed to look for everything that is wrong with you and your kids, and this brings constant chaos. Together we'll replace that chaos by bringing out the goodness that's already inside of you and your kids. The way you hold boundaries will change, and yes, your children will start doing as you ask. The yelling and threats can fade away, and you can build that close connection you always dreamed of! Because in the end, parenting is all about the relationship and that relationship is supposed to be something you can enjoy!

What my clients have to say about working with me....

Hiring Rosemary as a parenting coach was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. She was able to teach me in a very short amount of time what I needed to learn about human behavior and motivation, reparenting, boundaries and communication. After 3 months I already feel like I am parenting in a completely new way. I am grateful to Rosemary for helping me with the tools I need to feel at peace in all areas of my life, not just parenting! This was truly a life changing coaching experience for me. - Monica Morong

This course will change you. We all want someone who understands exactly where we've been, and how we got to where we are now. It's really such an amazing transformation each week and you come out feeling like you've finally stepped into the mom, wife, friend- woman- you want to be showing up as. Rosemary is the person who will walk you there effortlessly.

- Sara J.




     With LOVE The Way You Parent, YOU’LL know exactly what to say and do to create a relationship of trust with your child that weathers the storms of childhood and parenting!

Say Goodbye To:

🙅Feeling exhausted, angry, and resentful because you have to yell before anyone listens!

🙅Out-of-control reactions like threats and yelling that lead to slammed doors and silent rides in the car


🙅Sibling rivalry, back-talk, and nightmare-ish bedtimes.


🙅 Not being able to sleep while you lie in bed  swimming in mom guilt, wondering where it all went wrong.

🙅Watching your kids drift further and further away, feeling like there is nothing you can do! 

Instead You Will:

🥳Feel confident, capable, and relaxed because your family hears what you have to say and they respond positively.


🥳Know exactly what to say and do to get your kids following the rules in ways that make them feel capable and loved!!


🥳A peaceful home environment where your family enjoys each other's company. 


🥳Enjoy your evenings, and sleep easy, feeling satisfied with your day, knowing you’re finally getting parenting RIGHT!


🥳Receive more and more hugs, and find yourself smiling as you listen to your kiddos share about their day with you, marvelling at how easy it all was! 


A 12-week 1:1 program for moms, including:

- Private coaching calls with me,  a Language of Listening® Master Parenting Coach
- My exclusive client workbook
- Email support between calls
- And more!


YOUR Parenting-for-Connection ROADMAP

      The only thing standing between you and raising confident kids who feel close to their parents is having

the RIGHT tools (and knowing how to use them)!

… this is your 3-step plan to Protecting and Restoring your relationship with your child

Untitled design (2).png
Heal Your Connection With Yourself
  •  Understand emotions as a source of wisdom.

  •  Identify and value your personal boundaries.

  • Remove FEAR and Judgment, and learn to look for Needs and True Intentions instead.  

Step 1
Heal Your Connection with Your Kids
  • See with your child's eyes for the purpose of UNDERSTANDING.​

  • Learn the truth about consequences.

  • Experience how to hold boundaries with joy, curiosity, and trust.

Step 2
Create an Environment of Continued Growth
  • Identify your child's STRENGTHs

  • Create positive self-talk in your child’s mind. 

  • Watch as they change and adjust their own behavior.

Step 3

   Once you know how to use these tools to trust yourself, and your kids, without conditions: 

These are the kinds of results you’re going to get... 

"I have healed the way I think about myself and my children."
Rose has helped me transform my mind. Investing in 12 weeks with her was a drop in the bucket compared to the impact she's had on my family legacy. Future generations will be changed because of the shift in my parenting. By bringing awareness to a lot of the unconscious mental patterns I was functioning from, I have healed the way I think about myself and my children. Situations that used to cause me great anxiety and stress no longer do. I am empowered and know how to set and hold my boundaries. I will forever be grateful for Rose's coaching and the impact it has had on my family.
- Jaclyn (mom of 2 boys - 4 & 2)
circle-cropped (1).png
"Sibling rivalry has decreased significantly."

I have done several parenting courses and investigated many approaches for parenting. This is the one that has felt the most aligned with my values of love and understanding for everybody. As a result of this program, I am more present with my kids, sibling rivalry has decreased significantly, I have a much better connection to my son, and my confidence in parenting has really grown. Rose is a wonderful, skilled coach, and this coaching is the best investment and gift to your kids, family, and yourself! 

- Anne Hentschel
Is This You...???

You’ve chosen the “gentle-parenting” route but it only works sometimes, and leaves you feeling confused, especially when the bigger issues arise. 


You’ve committed over and over to being “more patient” to stop the yelling, but no matter how much you hate-on yourself, the yelling keeps coming back.


You just want to get parenting RIGHT so your kids don’t have to recover from their childhood, and you know the relationship will LAST. 


You’ve been reading parenting books and blog posts, but nothing seems to stick.

You are exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. Your Needs are COMPLETELY on the back-burner and your emotions are all over the place. If burn-out hasn’t already arrived it is soon coming!

LOVE The Way You Parent is THE solution for stopping the threats and the yelling, and parenting in ways that protect your child's heart, while gaining their cooperation.  
That’s all great, but how is LOVE The Way You Parent different from all the other parenting advice out there?

1. No More Stuffing Emotions

The point of parenting is NOT to train yourself and your child to be calm. True calm comes as a result of self-trust, including trusting your emotions. When “calm” becomes the goal, emotions get stuffed. Stuffed emotions = regular blow-ups!  Emotions simply exist in us to help us to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Knowing how to truly co-regulate with your child, allows you to guide them HOW to use their emotions to their benefit, and to the benefit of those around them, allowing for super-healthy relationships for life!


2. A Model That Works No Matter WHAT 

Parenting Throws At You  

So many parents are attempting gentle parenting and it’s exhausting and frustrating for them because 1) It makes them responsible for meeting their children’s Needs at the expense of their own, and 2) It doesn’t end up working for those more difficult behavioral issues (validating emotions can only take you so far).


Language of Listening® takes you beyond validation, beyond time-outs, beyond guilt-driven self-sacrifice, and straight into empowering your child to stay within your boundaries while gaining LIFE SKILLS, confidence, AND a deeper connection with themselves and their parents! BOOM!

3. Just 30 Minutes a week!  

The tools I teach are so effective you only need the 3 of them! And I show you how to master them and create a deeper connection with your child in just 30 minutes a week. Perfect for moms who struggle to find the time and energy for momming! 

Meet Your Motherhood Mentor, Rose Clark

Hey mama!

I’m Rose, and I'm spreading the message that it’s time...  Time for moms to develop unconditional self-trust and self-love, and to pass those things on to their children. In doing this, we will create a closeness with our kiddos that will LAST. They need that closeness, and we do too!

Self-love and Self-Trust used to be foreign to me: 


When I had 2 under 2 and the yelling started I knew something was terribly wrong! I had committed to raising my kids VERY differently than the way I was raised, but I was failing miserably!

At night, once my girls were asleep, I’d watch them sleep, and wonder, “What happened today?”, “Why was I SO angry?”,  “They’re so little, no one should ever yell at them!”

The daily regret was soul-crushing, and my behavior was eating away at our connection. I’d be awake for hours at night wishing it all would change…


Because I was doing things I didn’t want to do, I felt out-of-control. I knew I needed tools, but I didn’t even know if the tools I needed existed. 


After reading all the books and all the blog posts, I stumbled on Language of Listening® and immediately fell in love! This model had ALL THE RESPECT for the goodness already present in the child AND kept the mom in charge in ways that increased connection - WHAT?!?! 


I started using the tools, and they WORKED, and they KEPT ON working!


I wanted to support other moms, and help them give their kiddos nurturing, love-filled childhoods, and so mentored with Sandy, the founder of Language of Listening to become authorized as a coach. 


Since I completed my training, I have been sharing not only how to give your kids an amazing, connected childhood, but also how to fill in any voids left from your own. (Yep, this model works for reparenting yourself too!)

Can’t wait to hear your story, and work together to recreate motherhood with you!

Xoxo, Rose

You really can stop the yelling, and create an environment that sees everyone getting along!

 I used the LOVE The Way You Parent method to become the mom I always wanted to be, AND heal from my own experience of childhood abuse. 

But these methods don’t just work for me, they also worked for the moms who have gone through my program:


Like Tana, who wrote: 

"One of the BEST things I’ve ever done in my parenting journey was hire ROSE!!!!

I have a background of childhood trauma. I was terrified to be a mom! I have 4 children!!! Needless to say I was triggered multiple times a day by their screaming and anger.

I used to resist being with my kids. I was overwhelmed. I had a mountain of mama guilt!


I constantly doubted my abilities to be a loving mom. I felt so insecure about what to do...

It ALL changed after working with Rose!

I love my kids more than I ever thought I could! I love being with them now. I know how to take care of myself without the guilt!!!

My dream was to stop the cycle of abuse with ME. Rose, her tools and life experience was exactly what helped me break the cycle and start a new legacy of love, care, and fun for my family!!!" 

     There’s more! 

Besides the private coaching calls, my client workbook, and the support between calls... these bonuses will help you reach your parenting dreams even more quickly:


[01] Amazon Package from ME to YOU

Once you register, I’ll be sending you a package from Amazon with a few fun items to support you in our work together!


[02] Practical PDFs 

You'll get 3 PDFs, FILLED with example phrases for EXACTLY what to say to your kids when using each of the 3 tools! 


[03] After-Program Check-In Call

Once all the dust of working together has settled, and you’ve been flying solo for 6 weeks, we’ll have a final coaching call to see if there are any further questions or coaching you’d like at that time to make sure you are feeling solid and secure.

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