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4 simple steps to end the arguments and the mom guilt, and see you, AND your kids, LOVING the way you parent!

4 Simple Steps to: 

Raising kids who are motivated and cooperative (goodbye yelling and punishments!)
Gifting your kids with unshakeable confidence
Creating the best connection with your child that will see you both through the teen years and beyond!

As a mom you have too much on your plate already... and it's not JUST the never-ending housework and the lack of sleep, it's the emotional toll motherhood takes on you: 

🚩The last-minute meltdown outside of the car when you should have left already!

🚩The sibling fight over who knows what?!

🚩The painful arguments that end in slammed doors, awkward silence, and all the mom guilt! 

To top it all off, kids grow up so fast and that mom-guilt makes the realization sink in hard and fast that you only get a limited time with your children to create a close connection with them. Some days make it all feel like a losing battle!

It was never supposed to be this hard!!
Imagine your child running towards you when they're stressed... If they're getting bullied, instead of shutting down and locking themselves in their room, they are running to you to tell you what's happening, and you actually get to help. This becomes possible when they feel your love and protection in every situation - even when you are holding boundaries, and even during disagreements.

4 Simple Steps will take you from melting down over your child's meltdowns, feeling like your kids are drifting away, to having the answers right in your back pocket, and creating the closest relationship possible. Where the message of your love and protection are getting through, resulting in kids who are cooperative, motivated, peaceful, and SO close to their parents!

Time and time again moms explore different parenting models but once they find this one, they stop their search:


"I have done several parenting courses and investigated many approaches for parenting. This is the one that has felt the most aligned with my values of love and understanding for everybody."

"As a teacher and a mom these tools have helped me establish boundaries confidently and build positive relationships with my students and my children."


From feeling like your kids are drifting away, to feeling sure of your parenting and enjoying the time you get with your children! 

Say Goodbye To...

Feeling exhausted, angry, and resentful because you have to yell to get anyone to listen!


Out-of-control reactions like threats and yelling that lead to slammed doors and silent rides in the car. 

Sibling rivalry, back-talk, and nightmare-ish bedtimes.


Watching your kids drift further and further away, feeling like there is nothing you can do! 

Instead You'll...


Feel confident, capable, and relaxed because your family hears what you have to say and they respond positively!


Know exactly what to say and do to get your kids following the rules in ways that leave them feeling capable and connected to you!!

A peaceful home environment, where your family enjoys each other’s company.  


Receive more and more hugs, and find yourself smiling as you listen to your kiddos share about their day with you, marveling at how easy it was to make the shift! 

Moms, teachers, even therapists love these tools!

"I love how this can be helpful for exploring our relationships with adults and ourselves as well, thank you Rosemary. Very grateful to be here learning with you!"

- Lilianna (therapist)
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4 Simple Steps to LOVE The Way You Parent



⭐Full access to my 4-step, on-demand video course that equips you with relationship-honoring, science-backed parenting tools that ACTUALLY work (even on the hardest of days!) 



✨ Printable PDFs to make using the tools quick and simple!

✨ Bonus video to help YOU manage the overwhelming emotions of motherhood, get your needs met, and hold boundaries with ease!

✨AND a 10 minute "Affirmations for Moms" Meditation to provide you with a quick pocket of peace to clear your mind and stay patient whenever you need it!

Value: $290
For a Limited Time: Only $37!

The only thing standing between you and feeling like a happy, confident parent (even in the most difficult moments) is the 4 powerful steps I teach to get you LOVING the way you parent!

Step 1

Shifting your child’s behavior for GOOD starts with understanding why they are behaving that way in the first place.


That overwhelming frustration that rushes in like a train when your child STILL doesn’t have their shoes on after you’ve told them it’s time to leave 563 times already IS REAL! And it’s time to get curious as to why the requests aren’t working.

problem 3.png
Step 2 

Validation isn’t about manipulation - it’s about real connection. 

Learn the techniques from this step and know EXACTLY what to say, then watch as real connection transforms your child into a ready, boundary-respecting, problem-solver!

Give them.png
Step 3

How many times have you solved an issue once with your child only, to see it show up again the very next day?


This step not only makes behavior-changes permanent (goodbye nagging!), it also gifts your child with an unshakeable self-belief at the same time! (Goodbye to peer pressure and people-pleasing too!)

Step 4

EVERY parent wants to know: how do I ACTUALLY get my kids to do as I say?!


This step outlines what is necessary for holding healthy boundaries that actually work, and that also leave your kids feeling capable AND closer to you! Your child will know exactly what to do next time and you’ll have more time and space to enjoy being with your family!

As you move through each of the LOVE The Way You Parent steps, you’ll experience shifts right away:
Seeing your child in a new light, getting cooperation even in the midst of resistance, and feeling so much closer with them too! Just like my client below:

Is this YOU??

You’ve chosen the “gentle-parenting” route but it only works sometimes, and leaves you feeling confused, especially when the bigger issues arise. It feels like you have 2 choices, let your kids walk all over you or go back to yelling, and punishments.


You’ve committed over and over to being “more patient” to stop the yelling, but no matter how much you hate-on yourself, the yelling keeps coming back.


You just want to get parenting RIGHT so your kids don’t have to recover from their childhood, and you know you are providing them with a relationship that will LAST. 


You’ve been reading parenting books and blog posts, but nothing seems to stick.


You are exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. Your Needs are COMPLETELY on the back-burner and your emotions are all over the place. If burn-out hasn’t already arrived it is soon coming!

4 Steps to LOVE The Way You Parent is THE solution for stopping the threats and the yelling, and parenting in ways that protect your child's heart, while gaining their cooperation and shifting their behavior for good! 


The 4 Simple Steps: GET CURIOUS, SAY IT OUT LOUD, GIVE THEM PROOF, and PROBLEM-SOLVE in video format plus downloadable audio files for moms who want to learn on the go! (Value $199)


PLUS these bonuses:


✨ Printable PDFs to make using the tools quick and simple! (Value $12)​


✨ Bonus video to help YOU manage the overwhelming emotions of motherhood, get your needs met, and hold boundaries with ease! (Value $55)​


✨AND a 10 minute "Affirmations for Moms" Meditation to provide you with a quick pocket of peace to clear your mind and stay patient whenever you need it! (Value $24)

VALUE: $290 

That’s all great, but how is LOVE The Way You Parent different from all the other parenting advice out there?

1. REAL Science meets REAL Life
This program teaches you the Language of Listening® parenting model which is based on Child-Parent Relationship Therapy. It was created by Sandy Blackard, a mom who also happens to be absolutely genius! She was able to take real science and distill it down to its purest, easiest, most effective form of parenting. This isn't stuffy, sterile parenting! It's parenting that leads to a truly close, and lasting relationship.
2. No More Stuffing Emotions

The point of parenting is NOT to train yourself and your child to be calm. True calm comes as a result of self-trust, including trusting your emotions. When “calm” becomes the goal, emotions get stuffed. Stuffed emotions = regular blow-ups!  Emotions simply exist in us to help us to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Knowing how to guide your children THROUGH their emotions means they can solve the problem at hand and have it handled for good, no strong reactions, and no numbing necessary. Just confidently moving forward through life and in relationships!

3. A Model That Works No Matter WHAT Parenting Throws At You  

So many parents are attempting gentle parenting and it’s exhausting and frustrating for them because 1) It makes them responsible for meeting their children’s needs at the expense of their own needs, and 2) It doesn’t end up working for those more difficult behavioral issues (validating emotions can only take you so far).

This model takes you beyond validation, beyond time-outs, beyond guilt-driven self-sacrifice, and straight into empowering your child to stay within your boundaries while gaining LIFE SKILLS, confidence, AND a deeper connection with themselves and their parents in any situation! 

4. Just 4 simple steps!  

The steps I teach are so effective you only need the 4 of them! Stop trying to piecemeal your parenting strategy from a bunch of different sources. Parenting doesn’t have to be complicated… but you do need it to be effective. You get both in this program. 

Meet Parent-Child Relationship Coach, Rose Clark
Hey Mama!

When I had 2 kids under 2 and the yelling started I knew something was terribly wrong! I had committed to raising my kids VERY differently than the way I was raised, but instead I was making sharp remarks and losing my cool with no warning. I was turning into that mean, unpredictable mom that I never wanted to be!


After reading all the books and all the blog posts, I stumbled on Language of Listening® and immediately fell in love! This model has ALL THE RESPECT for the goodness already present in the child AND keeps parents in charge in ways that increase connection - AMAZING! 


When I started using these tools, first I felt relief, and then I started to feel truly confident as a mom. My girls calmed and finally felt secure in my presence. 


I fell in love with this parenting model and so I took ALL the training available, including becoming authorized to teach it myself! 


Since completing my training (a whopping 3 years long!) I have been sharing not only how moms can give their kids an amazing, connected childhood, but also how to fill in any voids left from their own. (Yep, this model works for healing your own childhood too!)

I can’t wait for you to dive in and have a whole new experience of how easy and life-giving parenting feels with the right tools! See you inside!


Are you ready to LOVE the way you parent?



How soon can I start?

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to the full course, as well as the bonuses. Enroll now and you could be seeing a change in your kids before the end of the day - just from learning the first step


Is there any live support?

 4 Simple Steps to LOVE The Way You Parent is an on-demand self study course and resource. You can always contact me to talk about adding on on-demand Voxer Coaching with me, or booking a 75 minute coaching call. Higher levels of live support are included in some of my other courses. Find more info here:


What am I getting once I purchase?
You'll have instant access to the Four Steps Videos and audio files, printable pdfs, audio track of the Affirmations for Moms Meditation, and the bonus video on using the tools to coach yourself through your own emotions. 

Is this really as easy as you say it is?

The tools are so simple and effective, many of my clients say they feel like magic! There is always a learning process to anything new, but you will see a shift as soon as you put the tools into practice. Plus, the bonus video on working through your emotions is key for when the tools feel like they are not getting you the results you want! I’ve got your back!


I’m sure my kids are too young/too old is this program still valuable for me?

These tools work at any and every age! If my parents started using these tools with me now, I’d be thrilled because it would feel amazing, and start to restore our connection! Even if you have a newborn you can train your brain to use these tools now. Parenting is so much about you, your thoughts, and responses, that by the time your child can speak (around age 1) you’ll be so pro at connecting and building them up! The thing I hear from parents over and over again is how they wish they had found all of this sooner! Start now and it will become the way you always parented! 

I coach moms/parents too, can I learn the content to teach others?

The short answer is no. The content in this program is both copyrighted and licensed. However, it is possible to purchase a Language of Listening® license for commercial use. Please contact Blackard Enterprises LLC for more info.


Why such a deep discount? A whole course with bonuses for only $37?

After a difficult childhood of my own, I feel deeply about moms’ experience of motherhood, and especially children’s experience of childhood. I truly believe in the positive outcomes for both from the tools I teach. I also believe that heart-led parenting is what is going to change our world for the better. So making these tools easily accessible was a no-brainer for me! 

I’m not a video person will that be an issue?

Not at all! A lot of moms only have time to listen to teachings/podcasts etc and little space for watching videos! That’s why I’ve been sure to include the audio files for all of the videos so you can listen on the go!

Every day your child is one step closer to moving out, carving out their own life. You're going to want them to keep you close for all of that!

Every day you don’t parent intentionally is a day you miss to:


💕Affirm for your child they are truly loved

💕Equip them with healthy self-belief and confidence

💕Gift them with an unshakeable connection with you

💕Prepare them for adulthood with useful life skills that will help them not only be healthy and happy but find motivation and success in their unique way! 

This course gets you parenting with intention and makes it so easy too!


Listen, moms are so used to putting themselves last and only getting the bare minimum. This doesn’t only mean that you go with less, your whole family does too, because you are the center of it all!


The tools I am sharing in this course work, full stop. They work because the creator has cracked the code on how kids work. It’s universal, it’s beautiful, and it’s simplified because moms don’t have time for fluff (and you don’t need it anyway!)


More love, more connection, and PEACE are available for you and your family - these 4 steps are going to get you there! 

It's time to make your move!  
See you inside!
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