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How to Celebrate Your Wins and Get REAL Self-Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

On this page I don't want to merely encourage you to get Self-Care, I want to inspire you and give you tools to be able to gain REAL Self-Care for yourself. ⁣

Self-Care is the key to not only thriving but long-term surviving as well! I'm learning that REAL self-care is one of the main lessons I need to accept and learn in my journey towards healing #afteraces.⁣

Grab The Tool

Using the LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® second premise of ➡ [People] "behave according to who they believe they are", we can start to look at who we believe we are and how that effects the choices we make. ⁣ Because Good Choices are necessary for Good Self-Care.⁣ Have you heard of the 99 to 1 rule? Where many of us will do something "right" 99 times but the 1 time we do it "wrong" is the proof we use to create our beliefs about ourselves??⁣ I know this is true for me... I don't generally register when I do things well. It just should happen that way. But when I screw up just once, well that's proof of my overall failure. Not perfect, not good enough. ⁣ It benefits us greatly when we take the time to celebrate our wins and use that to create our beliefs about ourselves.

How To:

To do this we use those LIKE phrases and STRENGTH's I've talked about in other posts. ⁣

Big wins ➡ "You got the job and you are so proud of yourself! You love how this feels!"⁣ Little wins ➡ "You got a delicious supper made and the kids are in bed on time! That shows you're organized AND a good cook. You like being those things."⁣


We can use LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® to strengthen our beliefs about ourselves and celebrate our wins. A vision of ourselves based on our STRENGTH's helps us to make best choices when it comes to our actions. Our actions will be healthier and more beneficial. That's Real Self-Care. ⁣

Real Self-Care is very different from the Self-Care we hear talk about most of the time. I've got a 6 Step Course on Empowerment and Boundaries which leads you through SIMPLE yet RIDICULOUSLY EFFECTIVE Language of Listening® tools to get you to a place of Real Self Care.

Want to learn more?? Sign up here.

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