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How To Improve Your Child's Behavior AND Empower Them

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

All Children Have EVERY Possible Inner Strength - Children Behave According to Who They Believe They Are

With the first premise of LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® we learned to validate using SAY WHAT YOU SEE® 👀 That's always the first step.⁣ The next step (if you see a behavior you like) is naming the 💪STRENGTH.Since children behave according to who they believe they are, we can help increase their awareness of their own goodness by pointing it out to them.⁣ The goal here is to get them connected to their 🌸INNER GOODNESS🌸 which will then help guide them in their decision-making and behavior. ⁣ It's a beautiful thing when you start seeing your child or student acting in new ways, responding to the goodness you've validated in them.

The key is to definitely use SAY WHAT YOU SEE® first, to give proof of the STRENGTH you are pointing out. This truth about them is not merely someone else's opinion (praise), the proof comes from them, from something they did. This keeps them grounded in their own abilities.⁣

How It's Done:

Here's an example of what it sounds like when you put these 2 tools together: ⁣ SWYS ➡"You got all your homework done before supper without being reminded."⁣ STRENGTH ➡"That shows you're responsible!"⁣ Any questions about using SAY WHAT YOU SEE® or STRENGTHS?? Ask away!!⁣ I'll be posting more on using STRENGTHS over the next little while. (STAY TUNED if you are wondering what to do when you see behavior you DON'T like. LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® has got you covered there too!)⁣

Missed my post on the first premise? Read it now. If you're the type that likes to learn it all and skip ahead ➡ read the whole book online - FREE here.

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