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Accepting Your Own Boundaries

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Give me a 👋 if you struggle with boundaries.⁣

How do boundaries FEEL to you...

Do they feel mean? Controlling?? Are you worried about other people's reactions? Can you pinpoint where you would have learned these beliefs about holding a boundary?⁣ Ever notice when you encounter someone who is really good at holding boundaries they are totally nonchalant about it? Plus they seem super-emotionally healthy and they get along with everyone?

Personally, I LOVE encountering people like that. ⁣

What our kids need

Our kids need that kind of example. They need us to model healthy boundaries. Our children will do as we do.⁣ And it's crazy how what they need is pretty much always what we need. I don't know about you but my kids make up a huge percentage of my motivation for self-improvement. I want to do it for me, but still struggle with my own self-worth. My kids, however, mean everything in the world to me. They are worth learning new skills for. They are worth increasing my self-respect for. They are worth knowing and holding my boundaries for because - so bad - I want these things for them. ⁣⁣ The boundaries skills I've learned from LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® are the skills I am most thankful for. After a childhood of having my boundaries trampled, I longed for these skills.⁣ Now that I've got them I see how they've led me to healthier parenting, to empowering my kids, and especially back to my true self - someone I thought I might never recover. ⁣ I see how incredibly valuable healthy and confident boundaries are for good relationships. They are valuable for ALL relationships, most-importantly our relationship with ourselves. That's why the first LANGUAGE OF LISTENING® course I'll be offering will be all about uncovering your boundaries and holding them with ease.⁣ The course is slated to be released Fall of 2019. To get notified about course enrollment and even start a boundaries convo with me join my email list. For a limited time I'm giving 1 FREE Coaching email to everyone who signs up for my list. You can sign up here.

Let's transform our experience with boundaries from something that's a struggle to something that grows in us an empowering self-respect.⁣

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