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Learn the language that will keep you out of couples therapy, see you enjoy the hard conversations, and get issues solved TOGETHER.

A simple path to:

Communicating with yourself FIRST, so you are bringing words that fully express what you want and need to your partner.
Expressing your boundaries and needs in ways that leave you both feeling heard AND more connected to each other. 
Working as a team, finding solutions in those conversations that used to never get anywhere!
Relationship JOY - no perfection needed!

It's discouraging when your relationship isn't matching the intention or the feelings you have towards your partner. You want to be closer, but the crap that comes along with raising kids, living in the same space, and mixing finances, can make people in the best relationships wonder if maybe it wasn't meant to be.

And only that because the conversations are so frustrating! Being misunderstood feels horrible, so does getting blamed! And you just get to the point where you bite your tongue because someone is going to end up hurt or pissed off. The important things end up never getting solved, leaving you both unhappy and unsatisfied.

The level of communication needed in a committed relationship doesn't get taught at school and practically never gets taught at home.
My Language of Listening® Couples Communication Course, equips you with the exact tools to understand and value yourself first, so you have just the right thoughts and words to bring clarity, commitment, and the love you have for your partner into your conversations. And not only that, but know exactly how to talk to your partner so you BOTH feel heard and valued, and so you are working towards your goals, solving problems as a team! No more feeling like resentful roommates, just up-leveling your soul-mate status and feeling like true best friends AFTER the same conversations that used to create an eerie silence. 

My clients were coming to me to learn how to speak to their kids, but they walked away knowing how to speak with their partner too!

~ Heather

I'm tearing up at... how much more "available" I feel because I have the language and techniques to match my intentions finally. I would always try but never get it right. I had no blueprint and this handed me a working blueprint. Now those I love, HEAR me that I love them and want to help. Instead of it getting lost in translation!

From feeling like your relationship is missing the closeness you crave, to feeling INCREDIBLY close because you've tackled the tough stuff TOGETHER. 

Say Goodbye To...

Instead You'll...

Having the same conversation over and over, without anything actually changing.

Being stuck in the cycle of avoiding certain topics so feelings don't get hurt, and then blowing up because your needs aren't getting met.


Master simple tools to communicate with your partner so you are solving the most delicate  issues and things are feeling better for you BOTH.


Have the toughest topics of conversation, and then find yourselves literally ending up in each other's arms, closer than ever!

Feeling resentful, and defensive towards someone you've committed your life and love to!


Create an environment in your relationship of safety and healing. A place where you get to truly be yourself and the attachment keeps getting stronger and stronger. 

Wondering if it's time to look for a couples' therapist, and how long the whole process is going to take


Have no need for couples' therapy because you both are expressing your boundaries and needs in ways that leave you feeling heard AND more connected to each other after just 12 weeks or less!

These tools will work for every aspect of your life, not just your relationship!

"My husband and I haven't had a major argument in months...we used to have a few small arguments a week and at least 1 major argument every month... 

I own a business with my husband, and I know it has helped me grow my business too! fact, the Language of Listening model will help with every part of your life and all your relationships!

Honestly, Rosemary is worth 100x the amount she charges for her coaching program."

- April

Language of Listening®
Couples' Communication Course

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⭐Six, private, 75 minute video calls (one every second week) with me, a Language of Listening® Master Coach.

⭐ Email support in-between calls so you can get your questions answered and put the tools to good use in whatever situation comes your way!

⭐ My exclusive workbook to keep you on track, and so you have something to refer to after the program is over. 



✨ A check-in call 6 weeks after we finish working together to answer any lingering questions or address anything new that has come up. 

Regular: $2475
For a Limited Time: Only $990!

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*Once paid, please allow up to 12 hours to hear back from me. I'll be contacting you via email to set up our Meet N Greet Call!

The only thing standing between you and experiencing all the closeness available in your relationship is the right communication. Let's take the steps to get you there in my Couples Communication Course.

Step 1

The best conversations can only happen when you've listened to yourself first....


We'll get you identifying and honoring your own boundaries, finding clarity in what you truly want and need, and validating your own thoughts and feelings so you can use them to guide you in healthy ways. 

Step 2 

Validation is about real connection, and true understanding. Once you are understood you will be ready

to problem-solve. 

Learn the techniques from this step and know EXACTLY what to say, then watch as real connection transforms your conversations into effective, and connective problem-solving.

Step 3

We all know how terrible it feels to be misunderstood. 


By this step you both will have the tools for deeply hearing and understanding yourselves. Next, you'll be applying that ability in your conversations with each other, rocketing you both into easy, natural problem-solving and creating a type of deep connection you haven't experienced before!

Step 4

Couples want to know: how do we ACTUALLY come to agreements about issues we don't agree on? 

The first three steps prepare for this one to feel so smooth and natural, you will barely have to think about it! But for those few times it's still feeling tough, we'll talk about what to do!

Language of Listening® Couples Communication Course is THE solution for putting an end to having the same frustrating conversations over and over, finally removing resentment and seeing you both get your deepest needs met! (2).jpg

That’s all great, but how is this course different from all the other communication advice out there?

1. REAL Science meets REAL Life
This program teaches you the Language of Listening® communication model. Created by Sandy Blackard, a wife, mom, historic art-restorer, and parenting expert, who also happens to be absolutely genius! She was able to take real science and distill it down to its purest, easiest, most effective form of communication; first for parenting, and then for every relationship! This isn't stuffy, sterile, or cheesy communicating, it's the real deal that removes enmeshment, self-abandonment, resentment, and clears the path for true attachment and connection.
2. No More Questioning Yourself

Bringing your full self to conversations is the only way to get your Needs met and hold boundaries, both are necessary for a heathy relationship. This one piece will see you confidently moving forward through life and in all of your relationships! 

3. A Foundation That Works For Solving Problems and Creating a Deeper Connection (At the same time!)  

So many couples are either avoiding or fighting through the tough conversations. This results in a lot of resentment, stuffing emotions, and erasing yourself. These are not the ingredients for a healthy, close, relationship you can enjoy! When you both have the same tools, the same language to communicate and understand each other, you become a team, no defensiveness, and no offensiveness, either! Just working together, getting problems tackled, and feeling closer as a result!

4. Just 3 simple tools!  

Once you get the concepts down (which won't take long), using the 3 tools will feel breezy!  These tools are easy to remember, even in stressful situations, and they'll work for every single relationship you have! 

Meet Language of Listening® Master Coach, Rose Clark
Well Hello There!

When I decided to become a Language of Listening Parenting Coach, little did I know it would allow me to heal from my own childhood, AND make my marriage, solid too!

I already knew Steve and I had it GOOD - best friends, with a soul connection, but things were still rocky. I would blow up, and he would clam up, and the things that HAD to be worked through left us confused and resentful. 

We never knew when it was OK to talk about things, or how to express ourselves in ways that saw us balancing our own needs with the intense love we had for each other. 

Until my brain switched out of defensiveness, and into DEEP listening as a result of my Language of Listening® training. It was then that I found myself able to listen to him and to myself at the same time! No more needing to prove my Goodness or my Rightness, those things already lived inside of me. 

All of a sudden I could understand his words for what they were, and the right words were coming out my mouth! And as he learned and experienced Language of Listening this became his reality too!

If you are looking to up-level your connection, to have your words, thoughts, and actions truly match your love for your partner. If you want to solve issues and feel a STRONGER attachment after, then I look forward to seeing you inside!  



Are you ready for Attachment and Connection?

Don't wait another day to take your relationship to the next level!  
See you inside!
Of course!
Click the button to grab a spot on my calendar!
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